Green IT
as you need it.

Sustainable meets high-quality meets efficient, or simply: Green IT. Rent or buy pre-owned hardware from circulee in Grade A quality - so you save CO2 and budget. That's good for your team and the planet.

  • Customer service at the highest B2B level
  • 12 months Full Circle Warranty
  • All Devices in Grade A QualityRead more
  • Saves up to 400 kg CO2 and 40% costs - for each device
  • Our certified partner tests, cleans and evaluates each product

Rent or buy?

Rent from
Buy from

Why renting?

  • Flexible rental period
  • Perfect for spontaneous use
  • Cost-saving,especially in dynamic company structures
  • CO2 savings thanks to pre-owned IT
  • Warranty and B2B customer service throughout the rental period

Why buying?

  • One-time purchase price
  • For companies who can safely plan their needs in advance
  • CO2 savings thanks to pre-owned IT
  • 12 months warranty with B2B customer service

One device manager. For (almost) everything.

The circulee Cockpit.

Say Hello to your new IT staff: our free, cloud-based device management service saves you effort and costs. Request support, assign devices, manage invoices, analyse your carbon footprint? It's all there!

How it works.


Find the right device for your team

  • Exclusively tested Grade A units with original parts
  • Every device goes through a TÜV-certified data erasure
  • Enterprise-grade hardware as good as new


Unpack, get started

  • Delivered in 3-5 working days
  • Ready to use: The operating system is already installed - just get started


Free and simple device management

  • Efficient device management is already integrated
  • Organise devices and users quickly & simply
  • Direct line to customer service


End-of-use package

  • If you no longer need the device, send it back.
  • You get credit for new hardware
  • We recycle the device - or give it a third life

Green IT for Pros.

Where do we get our equipment from? From a 100% professional background, before that they were used in large corporations. Our hardware partner CHG MERIDIAN AG checks and cleans every single device and subjects it to TÜV-certified data erasure. Because we only want to offer you Grade A products in corporate quality - 100% efficient, but much more sustainable than new equipment. And that's what we call: Green IT.

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Why is IT with circulee sustainable?.

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